Oak is traditionally very strong due to a high level of tannin. Oak trees mature slowly creating a grain which is condensed with a heavy line. This oak is fumed to create a rich chocolate colour.

Fumed Oak or 'Smoked Oak' is a wood finishing process which brings out the pattern of the grain whilst darkening the wood.  The oak is quarter sawn creating a grain with a strong linear. The oak is paired with gold plate chain creating strong contrast and a stylish finish..



walnut close up.jpg


Dark Walnut is famous for its silvery grey tones and contains scatterings of fissures creating perfect defections throughout the wood known as 'knots'. This makes the surface of the wood remarkably varied creating wonderfully unique finished pieces. This wood is paired with a oxidised silver for a very natural finish.




Eucalyptus wood is a reddish brown hue which matures to a rich brown over time. The grain is interlocking creating a ribbon effect of dark and light stripes when cut quarter sawn. When light catches it the grain appears as if water is rippling across the surface. A particularly attractive rippled grain is referred to as a 'fiddle back'.

Usually paired with Oxidised Sterling Silver to create a very seductive gothic finish.




Chosen for its stunning illustrious colour. This wood is pinkish and almost golden in hue. Although the grain might appear simple the wood has a natural lustre due to a light-refracting optical phenomenon known as chatoyancy which helps create its shimmering gold appearance. The red hues of the wood compliment beautifully the subtle tones of the Antique Bronze.


Due to the nature of the material each piece will be unique, making it a wonderful material to use but it does also mean that the item you purchased might not resemble exactly the one pictured online but the variation is very marginal.